Hartland_ID E005
Category EDM
Item Mondo 20 Star
Specifications BM# V06.590.0
Weight 1000 lbs
Worklight VO5.772.5
Capacitance opt. V05.629.6
110 Module Assy V07.005.8
Filter/reg/lub V05.316.1
C axis assy V06.829.2
Tool changer assy V06-772.4
Prog flush V06.757.5
Fire extinguisher V06.936.5
Agie Futura V control:
s/n AFVIPM-005496
BM/Diagram # V06.507.4
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50/60 hz
Phase 3
Circuit breaker power 25 kva
Full load current 18a
Full load power 7.2 kva
Amp rating of largers motor/load 3.4 a
Over current 30a
Protection provided at machine supply 480V
Terminals 55,000 AIC
Weight 265 kg
Control options:
Opt. 40A V05.813.7
Opt Hipol V05.614.9

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Price $ 27,900.00
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