Hartland_ID S011
Category Saw
Specifications MODEL #EF1459 Featuring:
Made in USA
Handles all metals, plastics and woods in a variety of cuts
It is a fast, accurate cut off machine good for notching, slitting, slotting and can act as a contour, profile and rip saw
Blade and column travel on an inclined track feeding into the cut in a straight path
Gravity permits the blade to find its most efficient feed rate
Counter-weight control provides adjustment for optimum cutting pressure and long blade life
Work piece remains stationary
Equipped with a hydraulic feed regulator and adjustable saw blade guard
Adjustable stop can be pre-set to control depth of blade travel
Large rigid 18.5 x 30" precision ground table
Hardened roller guides take blades from 1/4 to 3/4" wide without adjustment
Blade wheels have rubber tires to prevent blade slippage
Welded frame and base of heavy gauge steel
Dimensions 40L x 30W x 66H"
Net weight 700 lbs.

Equipped with:
Angle plate swivel work block
Large C-clamp
Blade/speed selector chart
1 HP motor and switch
Saw blade tension adj.
Wheel tilt adj.
Upper guide bar adj.
Grey iron wheels, 14" x 1-1/8"
Price $ 3495.00
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